Vote for Andrew!

I want to give Andrew a big squishy hug.  He may talk a lot about how it’s the show’s loss if he gets kicked off, but we all know that’s not true.  There’s no denying his showmanship, but underneath there’s a seam of vulnerability that screams every time he opens his mouth.  I can’t be the only one who often watches him through my fingers, wincing as he lays himself bare.  If Andrew stays in the house on Friday, he’ll be the happiest man alive, so go on, vote for him.  He might even reward you with a high kick.



4 Responses to “Vote for Andrew!”

  1. hey andrew…

    just wanted to say you did fab in BB and shouldn’t have gone. I think you have a lovely heart, and i think it’s clear to see. you’re so caring and passionate, and i just wanted to give you a hug when you came out! good luck with everything mr stone…you deserve a lot of happiness,

    nic (25, yorkshire) xxx

  2. did you write all the comments yourself ?

  3. just wanna say….you are an absolute idiot, you teach dance, thats all.

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