Interview with a star, man!

Today I had the utmost privilege of interviewing the lovely (but almost elusive) Andrew Stone.  The interview was originally booked for yesterday but thanks to a collapse in modern technology, we had to reschedule for today.  Andrew is calling from a pay phone somewhere in London so I call him straight back.

Ring ring…. “Hello, it’s Andrew Stone”

*silent scream*

We get the niceties out of the way, Andrew tells me what a busy day he has had so far – ITV2 show, dance classes, etc, and then I ask him some questions:

SFC: Who would you like to dance with?

AS: There’s two actually. I’d love to dance Justin Timberlake, next to each other, doing the same routine and with Shakira, who is a great dancer and has a very unique voice and she’s tiny.

SFC: Away from the band, what music do you listen to? What are your influences?

AS: I don’t really listen to music to relax but I like to listen to music and take from all different elements for my song writing. I like Jamiroquai’s Seven Days in Sunny June, David Guetta, the Saturdays, Sam Sparrow’s Black and Gold (SFC: I was listening to that on the radio earlier), a bit of Stevie Wonder and Barry Manilow (at this point Andrew sings a snippet of a Barry Manilow song to me down the phone). I also love Elton John (SFC: who doesn’t?) and when I’m at the karaoke, a few beers and I’ll sing Dead or Alive by Bon Jovi or Careless Whisper by George Michael although I like the more modern stuff like Jesus To A Child.

SFC: When was the last time you were angry and what caused it?

AS: I wasn’t so much angry as frustrated today. I’d been filming for a new ITV2 show with Sally Morgan (the psychic) and was in a taxi trying to get back to Pineapple for classes. We got stuck in traffic and the driver was swearing, blaming Boris Johnson.

SFC: What to people most often criticize about you?

AS: I don’t listen to criticism so much as it evokes insecurity and paranoia. Even with positive criticism I take the bits I like and work with those.

SFC: What is your greatest weakness?

AS: Caring too much or being too sensitive. I know it’s not a weakness as such but I have a strong belief that I’m sensitive because I give a shit and I care what people think.

*In the backgound a load of Hare Krishna’s wander past the phone box, chanting loudly…*

SFC: What would be your chosen superpower?

AS: Can I be a superhero because I’ve really thought about this?

SFC: Of course, go for it!

AS: The new superhero wouldn’t be Superman, which is the obvious choice, but it would be STARMAN and STARMAN would have a Mask of power, like Jim Carrey in the film (The Mask). STARMAN would be invincible whilst wearing the mask, dodging bullets, bending round things, never dying, yet when he takes off the mask he can be normal again and be anonymous. I’d never lose the power unless I lost the mask. And if I couldn’t have be that superhero then I’d just have to be Andrew Stone.

SCF: What colour is your nail varnish today and what state is it in? AS: It’s not as bad as usual as I did it last night. It’s black (natch) and not quite as chipped as it has been. I sometimes wear purple (SFC: I’ve got purple on. I did mine last night too). It has to be dark purple (SFC: Oh yes, no other colour!!).

SFC: What is your current ringtone?

AS: I got a new phone yesterday and haven’t set it up yet so it’s just the basic ringtone that it came with.

SFC: Right, I’m going to ask you some quickfire questions now and you have to answer the first thing that comes into your head.

AS: (a very nervous) OK…


AS: You’re going to hate me if I say Eastenders, aren’t you?

SFC: Not really… just because I’m a Northern lass, eh?

AS: Ok then, Eastenders.

SFC: I don’t watch either, to be honest

AS: Oh well neither do really

(*so much for quickfire*)


AS: I can’t do either… erm… Roller Disco but only with four wheels. Not roller blades


AS: Potato Chips


AS: Mayo


AS: Twitter


AS: Fucking brilliant question…. erm… gotta go with Bowie, yeah, Bowie.


AS: Going out


AS: Argh… erm

SFC: You don’t have to choose if you want both

AS: OK, I’ll have both… no, singing… this answer is officially going to put me in The Priory. It’s a very close call but I’ll have to go with singing.

So that was that. I wound up the conversation with some more nice chit-chat and have promised to send Andrew the link to this interview. I hope he likes it (come on over and leave us a comment, Andrew). We have agreed to keep in touch and there is apparently some very exciting stuff coming up for Starman so we will hopefully have a few exclusives for you. Stay Tuned!!

Massive thanks to Andrew for the chat and to Laura Graham (Vital PR) for setting this up for us.


26 Responses to “Interview with a star, man!”

  1. could have thought of better questions to ask really, do you go to any of his gigs?

    • Nickie (Typecast) Says:

      Hi Zeena,

      This was a phone interview that last 15 minutes. A face-to-face interview would have been totally different. This is not a professional set-up and we did invite questions from the fans but got very few responses.

      If you’d like to write up a review of one of the gigs, we’d be happy to post it up here. Get in touch with me 🙂

  2. mike birks Says:


  3. i dident see the request for questions to be asked for andrew anywhere? but i do a seperate blog of my own, can i just ask ….why was it set up in a phone box in london?

    • Nickie (Typecast) Says:

      Problems with his phone… long story – his PR person phoned me last night as we were supposed to have a chat yesterday – managed to rearrange it for today 🙂

      What is your blog address? Maybe we can add you to the blog roll on the sidebar 😀


    this is what im all about writting about anything and everything.

    • Nickie (Typecast) Says:

      Good blog posts Zeena. I bet it was great to meet the band.

      So what questions would you have asked if you’d have had the opportunity today – bearing in mind it was for the website and not on a personal level?

  5. Booshie! Says:

    Does Zeena work for the band cos she seems really close to them and she has a BMW? 🙂

  6. George Michael Says:

    Starman are totally rubbish. Get over it. Zeena, you suck also 😀

  7. This has confirmed it even more: andrew stone is a Talentless, deluded, arrogant little worm! He was in a pay phone because he cant before a mobile because he spend all his money paying for a bodyguard for when he did a gig at an old peoples home. Idiot! But remember, what Starman lack in gigs and record deals, they make up for in availability! Quote from pineapple studios!

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      That is your opinion. It always amazes me that people go to such effort to search out a forum of perfectly happy people going about their business quietly, just to be rude. Don’t you have anything better to do?

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      Which is why the Pineapple programme was such a work of genius. It didn’t take itself too seriously. Unlike you lot.

  8. Gary Barlow Says:

    I’d rather die than work with this crackpot.

  9. Zeena,
    Get a grip.Cheers

  10. Good job on the interview Nickie! I wish I could have sent in a question for you. Next time!

  11. i have one is he gay

  12. Well done Nickie! Andrew clearly divides opinion but so what? I’m a fan and I’m missing watching PDS. Might have to rewatch the episodes to get my fix. I do have other things to do as well, honest.

  13. Andrew Stone is a CUNT (yes a CUNT) Says:

    He is still NOT SIGNED… what a fucking joker – biggest loser in the Industry.

  14. MidDigit RatnerRing Says:


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