Andrew Stone – Misunderstood Genius!

This post is written by Nickie of Typecast, who I like to think of as the Co-Founder of the Fan Club.  Without her love, encouragement and belief in me, I could never have done it. Sniff.

Andrew Stone, lead singer of Starman, is a man of many talents.  He is a dancer, singer, artiste, song writer, pop star and, of course, a phenomenon.  He has such a positive outlook on life that you have to wonder how a 28 year old has amassed so much wisdom in such a short space of time.   He has a way with words that makes you sit and stare blankly into space as you mull over what he has just said.

On the subject of his age – he was directly asked how old he is by the cameraman assisting him with the shooting of a short clip for his YouTube channel (  His answer was thus:

Age is irrelevant – age is how you feel and what you do to look after yourself.  It’s dignity – it’s all those things.  I mean, you’ve got to love oneself to love someone else and I think the person who loves oneself without being too into themselves of course can actually have a successful relationship as well.  So, yeah.

Deep *nods thoughtfully*.  Incidentally, his YouTube channel hasn’t been updated for a while.  I would like to believe that is because of the imminent success of Starman; their single, “I Don’t Wanna Dance” has its release date on 26th April, just in case you’d forgotten.

Andrew tells us, “What makes me different is that I’ve got a talent and my talent has been honed by training, dedication, passion and the will never to give up.  There’s no-one else like me cos there’s only one Andrew Stone.” … Yes, Andrew – that is VERY true – they broke the mould when they made you, for sure.

My dream is to have a private dance lesson with Andrew – all filmed for his YouTube channel.  That would certainly raise the hit rate.  He says about rejection “I’m a showman.  What a waste”… well, Mr Stone – I am your ideal partner.  I am Gareth Keenan to your David Brent.  Forget having David Van Day as your backing singer… pick me, pick me!  Or at least come and play a private gig in my lounge on my birthday (3rd May – check your calendar – it’s a bank holiday).

I have to end on the perfect quote from Mr Stone – “You have a past, you have a present, you have a future.  I can’t live in yesterday.  I live in today.”  Think about that.  It’s true.


87 Responses to “Andrew Stone – Misunderstood Genius!”

  1. So poignant….I think he should philosopher to his list of talents. All that and only 28? Some people were just born to amaze….others were born in Norwich….it’s a fine line x

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      Care to furnish us with a guest post about his early years?

      • I’d love to…. assure me that you’ve got an internal lawyer checking out the libel action and I’ll expose the lot!

      • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

        Hmm, lawyers. I wonder if my friend who’s just left her corporate law job is looking for a new direction…

    • Question – Is Andrew stone for real, as he seems to be the biggest (im a superstar there is), thy deff broke the mould with him, even hough they broke the mould, they dident make another one (mould) as they messed up so badly….FAKE as they come….

  2. That last quote has really touched me. So insightful. *sigh*

  3. I just want everyone to know when I go to my history and top sites the Starman Fan Club is #6. There has GOT to be a reason for that.

  4. Co-founder!! I’m honoured. Do I get a badge or something….


  5. It would be brilliant if a group of us could have a dance class with Andrew. Forget those skinny little things on PDS, what about some real thirty (and forty) something women throwing some moves? (although I’d be the youngest beacuse I’m 28 too).

  6. Mr Stone you are such a legend, i would give an arm just to have an hour in your world, you are the reason people have hope, you have never given up on your dream, hey i can’t dance, sing, or preform but man you make me feel like i could do all three keep up the good work, if you drop me an email PLEASE i would like to send you my address so you can send a signed piccy, the wife thinks you’re brill i would love to make her day and get you autograph.

    Pretty prett please with fuffly bunnies and little bells on it 🙂


    • Back of the queue, Jools & wife….

      • Jools and wife Says:

        ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please
        with lots and lots and lots fo wittle wittle fwffy bunnies please Nickie and Andrew. Love you both for ever please please beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg beg. yo have broke the mould getting me to do this.

      • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

        Try friending Andrew on Facebook. This is an unofficial site, so we can’t guarantee access to the great man himself.

  7. If you google pointless twat, it comes up with Andrew Stone as number 1!

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      You’ll be laughing on the other side of your face when his single is No.1 Mr.

      • Ha ha ha – no I won’t. There’s as much chance for Andrew Stone to have a number 1 hit or a top 30, or top 100 hit as Louie Spence has to be become pope. I fell really sorry for you – if you really think this sad tosser deserves any kind of attention – bar ridicule and as the main character in a cautionary tale – you SERIOUSLY NEED TO GET A LIFE.

    • Nickie (Typecast) Says:

      Hi Ed – just a reminder – the single was 14 in the mid-week charts last week…. so when do you think Louie Spence will be invited to Rome for his Pope-elect celebrations. I need to buy a hat…

      And a gentle reminder – there’s no need to be defamatory on here… that’s not what we are here for if you have a proper look around 😉

      • Jared Terry Says:

        14 in the indie charts by the way and now its dropped out. you can probably sell 15 copies and get in the indie charts midweek. or to put it in perspective, Dance Wiv Me – released about 2 years ago – is still at number 10 this week.

      • I know Jared – I wrote the “article” about it. Seriously, mate, you’re taking this FAR too seriously.

        Are you just a teeny bit bitter that you haven’t been chosen to impart YOUR wisdom upon the viewers of Sky 1 and Andrew Stone was?

  8. Andy baker Says:

    I love andrew stone xxxxxxxxxx

  9. Andy baker Says:


  10. Jared Terry Says:

    “Age is irrelevant – age is how you feel and what you do to look after yourself. It’s dignity – it’s all those things. I mean, you’ve got to love oneself to love someone else and I think the person who loves oneself without being too into themselves of course can actually have a successful relationship as well. So, yeah”

    If he had actually just stated his age instead of saying this then he would not be the deluded moron he actually is. I watch Pineapple studios as its funny and Andrew Stone is very clearly in the same strata as David Brent, in that regard it makes my mind boggle that he is not fictional. On the other hand its just too much a brilliant example of a deluded egotistical inane desperate wannabe starlet to be fiction. If a writer dreamed up Andrew Stone he would be a genius but lets be clear about this, the Joke is very much on Andrew Stone. I cannot believe you say without sarcasm that the man is deep based on what he mentions about age. That is not philosophy. I have not read a great deal of philosophy but I have read enough to know what it is. Schopenhauer’s on the suffering of the world, Neitzche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, the various writings of Montaigne, Sartre’s Nausea and to some extent the writings of Alain De Botton – That is philosophy. What Andrew espouses is the terrible drivel found in the self help section, his worldview is clearly tinged with a new age emptiness. If you find Andrew Stone deep then reading Thus spoke Zarathustra is going to make your head explode. Lets just be honest, the man has the complexity of a 12 year old girl trying to appear intelligent. I doubt his reading has taken him beyond Harry Potter. That lack of intelligence by the way is clearly reflected in his music which has the lyrical dexterity of sub par bathroom graffitti and melody which is uremarkable to the point of being downright boring. If Andrew Stone really wants to be a music star there is only one way he will accomplish it and thats by having nothing to do with the writing or creation of the music other than singing. Which is to say he needs to be entirely manufactured and then lend his dull voice to the finished product. Then he might get his 15 minutes, although I think it will be slightly less than that probably.

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      You have clearly thought about this a lot. And you are taking us very seriously. I’d calm down, otherwise your head might explode.
      PS I have a philosophy degree. Really.

      • Jared Terry Says:

        And I have a degree in journalism which is why i found the above interview so kind of ninsulting I suppose (To the reader). What was your thesis on? What do you make of thus spoke zarathustra – do you find it mysogynistic (I.E i don’t believe you).

      • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

        I don’t really care if you believe me or not, but I don’t like being called a liar. I considered writing a list of the topics I studied as part of my degree, then decided that I’d rather not waste any more time justifying myself to you. I have a philosophy degree. Get over it.

      • Jared,

        You are obviously taking a tongue in cheek fansite a little too seriously.

  11. you r the biggest joke ever

  12. Jared Terry Says:

    well I read the article by Nickie and I did not detect any sarcasm when it mentions he is deep and philosophical. Is the article taking the piss then? If so then it obviously duped me. At any rate is it sincere or not, it can;t be both so which is it please?

    • Maybe that’s the problem, Jared. Maybe you ARE thinking about it too much. Maybe I’m such a good writer that you completely missed the point?

      Does it have to take the piss? Does it have to be sincere? Maybe the lack of emoticons that are the general fashion used in online speech distorted your view of what is actually there, right in front of your eyes.

      Anyway – my ability as a writer is not up for discussion here but I’d be happy to talk about it off-site if you so wish?

      I also think you need to read the latest post by Victoria entitled “Why?” It may open your eyes ever so slightly. Did you detect a hint of sarcasm in that last sentence, maybe?

    • oh, and another little point I forgot to mention… did you use a comparison of David Brent because I already had done? How original of you. Subconsciously, I think we are on the same page you see. Also, just to educate you slightly, when people write on blog post in italics or using asterisks around their text there is usually a hidden meaning. Just saying 😉

  13. r u people so sad that u all think stone is a genius when he really is the worst act ever

  14. is he david van days love child

  15. a sence of humour u need more than that 2 like him jesus is more talented than him

  16. Gary Barlow Says:

    Can we just have a recount on all those comments where you idiots are chatting about the single going to Number One!!!!

    Andrew is untalented, mismanaged and out-of-touch – that’s the real “triple threat”.

    Anyone got anything to say about his treatment of a disabled lad at Moho, Manchester? Even his deluded “fans” on Facebook got a bit upset by it…. Starman’s response?? Just delete the thread(s) and block the fans that were upset! A swift apology with words such as “Andrew’s very busy…… oversight…… he’s mortified that the lad felt he’d been ignored……. does a lot of charity work…… has phoned the boy personally……” etc would have smoothed everything not to mention been a PR triumph. Instead he flicked the V to his fans and added insult to injury after his unprofessional and inhuman behaviour.

    That record deal???

    He’s a dickhead!

    • Ian Beal Says:

      Totally agree with Gary Barlow. What a total idiot, lets hope that all you deluded fans come to your senses and see him for what he really is. A middle aged talentless tosser

  17. Ian Beal Says:

    Follow this link and see what his mates have to say about him.

  18. I would just like you all to know I too was a fan of Andrew’s despite the fact he comes across as an idiot on the show. As I dance at Pineapple and after meeting Louie (who is lovely) I was excited to meet Andrew… Oh my God what a let down.
    He is the rudest most self obsessed obnoxious stuck up jumped up self important little prick I have ever ever met and would most probably not piss on any of you if you were on fire, let alone sign an autograph.

  19. Some extremly dim people have missed the whole epoint and left crazy comments – a nice catch was made

  20. Im a big fan by the by

  21. 23? he’s 36 years old! lol. get with the program.


  23. Having found Pineapple hilarious, I googled Andrew Stone just to confirm that Starman is a huge and very funny joke – OMG so that’s how Andrew Stone keeps a straight face, he’s deadly serious!! I cannot agree more with Jared Terry – you could not make this stuff up. Well thanks for making me cry with laughter Andrew, you really are unique!

  24. I thought I’d just write and let you guys know that Andrew has fans here in Australia too!!! Pineapple was shown here on cable tv. I was amazed right from the start by Andrew Stone or “Stozza” as we call him fondly here, downunder. My friends and I can’t believe he hasn’t yet done a duet with our Kylie. He would be doing her career a favor by lending some much needed intellectual clout to her act. It would also once and for all banish those gay rumors floating around. Who would dare say “Stozza” is gay after seeing him grinding in a video with Kylie, we all know that gay men simply don’t do that.

  25. 28 my arse!!!!! LOL

  26. Ahem, he was born in 1972- makes him 39, not 28!! Still, looks good for his age! And hes defo not gay. I know a girl who used to date him a long time ago-hes a frisky little rabbit, apparently!

  27. Terry Murphy Says:


    You rock my world

  28. Wayne Dyer Says:

    @ Terry Murphy

    Get your perverted eyes off him you nancy boy, I have watched all his shows and love him so much more than you…..BACK OFF!!

  29. kate jarvis Says:

    hey guys my daughter has requested a GIANT poster of Andrew Stone where can i get one?????

  30. very reluctant to say this,but i may as well,myself and a few others were loyal friends to Andrew right back at the start,supported him/defended him all the way,not sure if you are up to date with regards the politics of Starman?,as it appears people are only judging him on what they see on tv,but Andrew will walk over anyone to get to his goal which keeps moving further away,he does not care who he hurts,the very loyal fanbase has dispersed, people who who fought his corner for him have simply turned their backs on him,you meet the real Andrew im sure you will be dissapointed………………………………………………………….

  31. john harrison Says:

    hey, do you have andrew stone’s signature? i love hiimmm:) xx

  32. I love Andrew soooooooooooooooo much – he always always has time for his fans – love him and if I was 15 years younger he would be in serious trouble!!!!! Love u Andrew – u are a wonderful human being -don’t ever change xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Harry Potter…

    […]Andrew Stone – Misunderstood Genius! « The Starman Fan Club[…]…

  34. oh god
    oh god i really have gotten so much entertainment out of watching this man… andrew you are hilarious.. love u

  35. whats hilarious is that he actually believes what he is saying… my cousin and i spend hours sniggering

  36. lol hes a funny man cant help but laugh at him, cant wait for the single gonna be a joke present for more than a few of my friends.

    he is gay and he is old lol 🙂

  37. Question – Is Andrew stone for real, as he seems to be the biggest (im a superstar there is), they deff broke the mould with him, even though they broke the mould, they dident make another one (mould that is) as they messed up so badly….FAKE as they come….

  38. Petey Armstrong Says:

    I am a HUGE fan of Andrew Stone, and yse I used caps lock, I’m that BIG a fan. Starman totally outshone anything that were on Pineapple Dance Studio. Starman are ACE, they are kinda like a retro punk with the added influence of Duran Duran and Erasure. Andrew Stone is probably one of the most influential and Inspirational people I have EVER met, more so than Nelson Mandella and Sir Bob Geldoph (I havent met Nelson or Bob I was only using them as an example) So a BIG thumbs up to Andrew, well done sir your are my rock.

  39. OMG guys I am absolutley devastated, Andrew is up for eviction on Celebrity Big Brother along with some Irish nobody!! Lets all get together as a Starman family and vote to keep him in and get rid of that Irish harpie. How nobody can see the obvious talent and warmth that eminates from Andrew when he is on this programme, I am unashamed to admit that I watched him sleep last night, I got my duvet downstairs after my mum and dad went to bed and watched him for hours, he’s like an angel…..ANDREW MUST STAY! ANDREW MUST STAY!! repeat this mantra through the day and the gods will be just and keep the lovley Andrew in, he will win it as everyone else are just nobodies, I mean Sonia from Eastenders and a lot of daft girls in bikinis playing in a jacuzzi, who wants to see that?

  40. Petey Armstrong Says:

    Oh My Gee guys totally missed celeb BIg Brother yesterday, I didnt get my Andrew Stone fix, the truth be known, I was trying to sneak downstairs again to watch the all night version again but my Dad caught me, he had just come in from the pub and went off his trolley, him and mum argued about me again, he thinks Im gay, mums not sure, but I know I’m not, I had a girfriend so that proves it. On another note Im thinking of getting an Andrew Stone tattoo, I was going to go for the picture of him with the purple lycra vest and he’s all Jazz hands and sparkly, but Im in two minds, here is my dilemma do I get just an Andrew Stone tat OR do I get a Starman one? I know they have split up so the tattoo might be outdated but I am their biggest fan so I wouldnt have thought it would have mattered and some people still have Rolling Stones tattoo’s and they are all dead are they not? and should I get it on my chest or my back, still unsure about that to be honest. Any advice would be appreciated. Remember the mantra fellow Stonettes ANDREW MUST STAY ANDREW MUST STAY, reach for the stars guys xx

  41. He embarrased himself yesterday! – i flicked on to celeb BB to see a 30 minute show of Andrew Stone feeling sorry for himself!! the fact that all he does in life is try to gain acceptance from everyone is what makes him come accross desperate like he does.

    Dont get me wrong, I like the guy, he was quality on Pineapple, and makes me laugh, but he needs to stop coming accross like he does.

    I want him to stay in the house but he needs to man up a bit. If he isnt gay then he needs to act more manly.

  42. Petey Armstrong Says:

    He didnt embarrass himself. Its just so obvious he is heads and shoulders above everyone else in the house, its their fault he is coming across as “feeling sorry for himself” they are all talentless nobodies and because of this he is quite obviously feeling down. I mean why mention he was a failure on X factor? it was obviously a ploy, nay a conspiracy to get the public to think he is rubbish, and why do the other “celebs” in the house always ask him about Louis Walsh? he was rubbish in Pineapple, soo fake and where is he now? a Judge on dancing on Ice pfffft, probably only making a couple of hundred thousand poundsfor it, Andrew’s earnings will be in the millions after cbb as he will deffo win. On the point about him manning up a bit, do you think he should grow a beard or even a blonde mustache like Hulk Hogan, now there’s a man.

  43. Petey Armstrong Says:

    I of course meant Louis Spence, Louis Walsh is the guy on X factor who likes boy bands, Louis Spence probably likes boy bands too, I however dont like boy bands although JLS are quite good and so are one direction

  44. Petey Armstrong Says:

    Still barred from watching Celebrity Big Brother, Dad says if I like Andrew Stone so much I should just move in with him, I tried to explain that he was actually in the CBB house and therefore I could not at this exact moment in time move in with Andrew, he threw the remote control at me and grunted something about getting a DNA test, I hope he isnt ill. I was thinking about going down to the CBB house on eviction night just in case Andrew gets evicted, I want to show him my loyal support and while Im there I will give Brian Dowling a piece of my mind, I might not be able to talk to him but I will just write it on a bit of cardboard and wave it about till he notices. Anyone else going down? If you are then I am the guy with the Starman T-shirt on (home made as I couldnt find any for sale) I will also be holding up a bit of cardboard saying Brian Dowling is a cunt. See you there guys! as always reach for the stars xx

  45. Petey Armstrong Says:

    Well what can I say, Andrew has been evicted from the CBB house and I am devastated. Cant anyone in this country see the obvious talent he has? He said he is bigger than Tom Cruise, well in my eyes he is bigger than Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga and Ollie Murs combined. I didnt manage to get down to the evictions as Dad wouldnt drive me and Mum wouldnt lend me the bus fare, I said to her , Mum Im 35 (I look 21) I will pay you back on giro day, she said ask Dad, I did ask him and he basicly told me to fuck off (his words not mine). Did anyone see Andrew in his little pumpkin carriage being pulled along by a little horse, he looked like a prince, he was so dignified, it was better than watching the royal wedding and dare I say it Lady Di’s funeral. Well now Andrew has gone from our lives for the time being, think fondly of him as he is a Starman. Thank you Andrew it has been emotional. sniff Reach for the stars guys xx

  46. Petey Armstrong Says:

    Oh wow my mind has been totally blown away, I was at my friend Gareths house last night, he is not really an Andrew Stone fan (shame on him) he mostly listens to progressive Jazz or Hearsay, but he pointed out a guy called David Bowie who was in a band called Ziggy Stardust I believe, and one song in particular….STARMAN!! can you believe it?? Yes there is a song about Starman! I dont know if Andrew knows David Bowie but they must have some kind of psychic connection or something, the reason I think this? here is the chorus to his song, but beware when you read it as it will blow your mind (it even says so in the lyrics)
    There’s a starman waiting in the sky

    He’d like to come and meet us
    But he thinks he’d blow our minds
    There’s a starman waiting in the sky
    He’s told us not to blow it
    Cause he knows it’s all worthwhile
    He told me:
    Let the children lose it
    Let the children use it
    Let all the children boogie

    now is that not AMAZING!! I am going for a lie down to listen to it again. Can someone post if they know if David and Andrew are somehow related or something?

  47. Is there any way that we can speak to Andrew stone please reply?

  48. Petey Armstrong Says:

    I think Andrew will be too busy to answer posts, he will be inundated with work offers, I personally think he would do a better job than Philip Schoefield on this morning, plus can Schoefield do the splits? I think not. On another note what would be great if Jeanne Claude Van Damme and Andrew did a fitness video which consisted of then kung fu dancing with high kicks and the splits, I am willing to bet it would even get Michelle McManus thin….ok mibbe Im overexagerating a bit as a steamroller couldnt get her thin.

  49. Petey Armstrong Says:

    If you read this Michelle then I didnt mean to be nasty but you have to admit you are quite fat.

  50. Michelle McManus Says:

    Well I have read your comments Petey and although I did not find your post nasty I did find it a bit below the belt (somewhere I havent seen in years). And I wouldnt say I’m fat, I’m just big boned. You do know I won Pop Idol dont you? I am internationaly acclaimed. I was thinking of trying to contact Andrew to see if he’s up for a duet, what do you think? I was thinking we could do a cover of Renee and Renatos wonderfull song “save your love your darling save your love” but we could add a twist as I could be the fat guy with the mustache (renato) and Andrew could be Renee, I personally think it could work, we could even jazz it up a bit with some dubstep or drum and base. What do you think?

  51. oklahoma sooners merchandise…

    […]Andrew Stone – Misunderstood Genius! « The Starman Fan Club[…]…

  52. So, where is Andrew Stone now? Nomore starman! no more acting career? just a £10 per hour dance teaching job in pineapple… no will you all realize that he has failed…

  53. Petey Armstrong Says:

    I cannot believe that the one and only Michell McManus has replied to my post!! I even voted for her when she was in pop idol and she won!! with my help! Thank you Michelle for replying to my post, I am glad you are not upset about me calling you fat, I sometimes get called fat and my dad says I have moobs (I dont even know what they are to be honest) but my mum tells me not to worry as its only puppy fat , I reminded her again I’m 35 but she insisted its puppy fat, Im not going to argue with mum thats for sure. About your duest with Andrew, I think that this is a fantastic idea although I think the gender twist bit might be a bit weird but my friend gareth thinks it would work and said he could even fancy you with a moustache, I could arrange a date with you both if you like, he knows some famous people and once even shared a train with Paul Daniels so yous have lots in common, just let me know and I will arrange it. Have you heard from Andrew yet? He seems to have dissapeared into obscurity but word on the street is he is writting a version of Jason and his technicolour dream coat with him as Joseph and H from Stepps as Jacob, I cant wait!! it will be AWESOME!

  54. Andrew stone is shit Says:

    Where are star man now. A deluded self obsessed wannabe I won’t say has been because Andrew stone is a never been. I find it hilarious that he keeps on failing tell him I will see him at McDonalds serving his dignity in a bun. Love his mum and dad

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