Come on, you know you want it!

We ALL know and love Starman’s debut single ‘I Don’t Wanna Dance’, having seen their amazing, smoke and laser filled, silver catsuit wearing video being filmed on Pineapple Dance Studios.  If, by some weird chance you’ve not watched the video embedded above (and you’d better have a good excuse) I will tell you that it is a “solid mix of styles from Savage Gardens to Scissor Sisters and 80’s electro”.

So, now we’ve established that we love it people, I’ve got some very exciting news.  You can actually OWN it, for your very own self, on your very own iPod.  Yes, the single, which is released on 26th April, can be pre-ordered from iTunes TODAY.  So, what are you waiting for…


6 Responses to “Come on, you know you want it!”

  1. Hi everyone! Its Craig from the band! Please help us get into the top 40 by downloading our single! hope your all well! xx

    • Nickie (Typecast) Says:

      Hi Craig 🙂

      Thanks for commenting – good luck with the single 😀 We keep reminding people to d/l it 😉


      Hi Craig from the band, got the single a while back and it ROCKED! shame you guys didnt make number one but what do the people out there know about music, my friend Gareth is now a fan, he was a gaga fan before but I made him see the error of his ways and listen to you guys. Its a pity you have split up as I reckon you could have been as big as Oasis or even JLS. What is happening with you guys now have you got a new band and will Andrew be in it? God I miss him so much and would love to see him reform Starman, anyway I have to go as I have community service in about half an hour and my mum wants me to go to the shops 1st to get her a battenburg cake and a botle of gin, she has been drinking it quite a lot since dad left but I dont mind as when I get home she is normally asleep and I get full controll of the tv remote!! Watching at home with the Kardashians tonight followed by a double helping of come dine with me, cant wait!

  2. when i first watched p d s i really thought that the andrew stone starman thing was a total piss take like spinal tap…..but omg its the real deal…..just sad……why cant he admit he is gay and get a nice boyfreind to love who will love him back…if he stopped telling all these little lies about himself…which just make him look pathetic…if he stopped grasping at what he sees as fame ? and enjoyed singing and gigging for its own sake he may actually find a little bit of happiness…..

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