Quiz Time!

How big a fan of Starman are you?  A really really big fan?  Here is your chance to test your metal…

How many people bought tickets to Starman’s first live gig?

a) 16 or 17

b) 18 or 19

c) 20 or 21

What is the name of Starman’s guitarist?

a) Sean

b) Luis

c) Tony

What do you think of Rosalee?

a) She’s a fantastic singer, I can’t understand why Andrew got rid of her

b) She’s dead to me

c) Who’s Rosalee?

Where does Andrew live?

a) Chelsea

b) Leyton

c) Wood Green

Andrew’s musical influences are

a) David Bowie

b) Scissor Sisters

c) Both of the above

What age is Manager Rob?

a) 17

b) 21

c) 35

What is Andrew’s favourite colour?

a) red

b) blue

c) purple

Andrew’s tearful reunion with his mum took place in

a) Covent Garden

b) Hays Galleria

c) Trafalgar Square

Andrew is

a) straight

b) gay

c) neither


If you answered mostly A’s

Call yourself a Starman fan? You may THINK you know what Starman’s all about, but you have failed to truly understand the essence of Starman’s brilliance.  Your fandom is merely scratching the surface.  Get with the programme!

If you answered mostly B’s

You are a true Starman fan!  You understand Andrew’s tortured genius and have been to ALL the gigs.  This site is for you, enjoy!

If you answered mostly C’s

What planet are you from and why are you on this Fan Site?  Have you even heard of Starman?  Get out and never come back!  Amateurs.


15 Responses to “Quiz Time!”

  1. Bwahahahaa The last question KILLED me!!! I’m dying laughing here!!

  2. I got all B’s. Hoorah for me!!

    Erm, have you seen this?

    Their next gig is April 21st and they want to go on a mini tour round the UK. They are asking for venue suggestions… I’m thinking of offering up my lounge… should I, should I???

  3. I was convinced he was from Wood Green! I will not admit I got mostly Cs, I did know more than 3 of them!

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      *whispers* I made some of the questions up…

      • LOL! Don’t say that! Are you telling me that there’s just not enough info available? Is Andrew Stone an enigma?!

      • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

        Most of it is trueish. I have no idea about his favourite colour though…

      • I reckon his favourite colour is silver.

        Or grey – like his hair.

      • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

        Grey, very good. Yes.

      • IwishIwasKatStone Says:

        I reckon he lives in/near Notting Hill. In the episode where he met Rob in a cafe and Rob told him about the possible record deal, that cafe is on Portobello road. Or it was. It shut down, RIP Progresso.

      • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

        He definitely lives in Leyton, or at least that’s what he said when they did the MTV Cribs on his flat. OH works near there and recognised it too.

  4. Woohoooo! I am a true Starman fan!! Not that I didn’t know that I was already ; )

  5. Is he really forty years old?

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