Get the look!

Would you like to know how to reproduce Andrew Stone’s famous glittery eye star?  Of course you would!

Follow these simple makeup steps for shimmery fabulousness…

1. Draw a star outline around the eye using purple eyeliner

2. Fill in the star with a generous dusting of purple eyeshadow

3. Paint over the eyeshadow with glittery purple gel

4. Brush a light dusting of silver eyeshadow over the gel for added sparkle

5. Finally, go over the eyeliner outline with silver glitter gel.  Ta da!

So what are you waiting for Starman fans?  Go forth and sparkle!


6 Responses to “Get the look!”

  1. This is amazing. Thank you for the quick lesson 🙂

  2. love it am a big home face painting enthusiast…thank you x

  3. She is entirely too cute. I am sure Andrew would approve!!


    I think I should warn all the Starman fans out there that attempting the glittery eye star is quite dangerous, I tried it myself and got glitter in my eye that my mum had to wash out for me, I then got my friend Gareth to help but he poked me in the eye with the eye liner and it hurt quite a bit. You will be pleased to know though that I did finally manage to acheive it (god knows how Andrew does it, he truly is a genius) but my dad made me wash it off as he told me I wasnt allowed to go and sign on looking like a sparkly poofter…god my Dad is soo 1980’s, he needs to chill, I offered to let him listen to Starman to chillax a bit but he swore at me and then told mum he wanted a divorce. Mum isnt talking to me now but the good news is that Gareth helped me put my glittery eye star back on and i drew one on him…we look so cool

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