Cheeky news!

Andrew Stone has been papped with the Cheeky Girls, as reported in this week’s Heat magazine.  According to the venerable organ, they received a call from the producers of Pineapple Dance Studios saying “Hey, Andrew Stone is trying to get papped, will you pap him?”  Happily they obliged.  Is this a match made in pop heaven?


9 Responses to “Cheeky news!”

  1. About time he got papped. Better late than never I always say!

  2. Oh I think so… definitely 🙂

  3. This has got to be the world’s saddest website. You people are living in a fantasy world!

    • itsasmallworldafterallfamily Says:

      And some people are clearly lacking a sense of humour. Can you not understand a joke when you see it?

    • Obviously it begs the question – what are you doing here then? Secret Cheeky Girls fan, or maybe you’re one of Rosalee’s spies?

  4. That’s an easy one – it amuses me – and thank you for replying to my post. I know you don’t realise it or more probably wouldn’t accept it, but these these kind of puerile fan sites are a great source of entertainment for intelligent people. Keep it up! Now tell me ‘itsasmallworldafterallfamily’, what is it you can’t imagine about his outfits? We’re dying to know!


      Ed you need to chillax a bit my friend, I dont know what puerile means but I am assuming it is an insult so shame on you, you really have know idea how strong the Starman family is do you? me, my friend Gareth are true crusaders of the Starman way, you should try it or are you too busy making up fancy pants words like puerile. If you take the time to draw a glittery eye star on and listened to a few tracks by Starman then Im sure you will be a changed man, you are a man right? because Ed can also be a girls name, we have a freind called Albert who is a girl but she is a lesbian and doesnt like Starman so me and Gareth dont talk to her anymore. Anyway Ed reach for the stars and nemember the secret word…CHILLAX

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