Get your own hair!

We have our first guestpost! From @3bedroom aka Kat from 3 bedroom bungalow.

When I discovered the newest and greatest pop group in all of Britain nee the world, Starman, I noticed that obviously Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, had obviously stolen lead singer Andrew Stone’s hair style.

Aaron Carter- Andrew Stone Wannabe

Andrew Stone- Pop Royalty

Get your own style Aaron Carter!

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7 Responses to “Get your own hair!”

  1. Twat!

    let’s go and kill him dead!!

    *gets Elmer Fudd costume on*

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  3. Seriously? Aaron Carter is about 3 decades younger than him he can pull it off, andrew looks like an over cooked H from steps.

  4. some people think that wax is a girly thing and men looks better when they have hairs on their chest but every person has his own opinion
    and it’s a person’s own choice to whether to do it or not.
    As soon as dry the hardened wax is pulled off taking the
    facial hair with it. Waxing is often considered a painful way to groom the brows.

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