Get with it!

Starman is without doubt the most sparklingly fabulous group since dancing was invented.  With Pineapple Dance Studios Andrew Stone as it’s front man, it has reinvented the use of silver catsuits and glittery make up for the modern pop scene.  If you are new to Starman’s star quality, watch this and be blown away.

Silver catsuits available for purchase shortly…


13 Responses to “Get with it!”

  1. Will you be organising any events or meet and greet sessions? Could we have a dancing lesson with the great man?

  2. I have instructed my son to steal some science goggles from school so I can recreate this video.

  3. I say we all wear silvery star eye makeup to Cybermummy

  4. talktojason Says:

    I’m tapping my feet as i’m writing this. Shouldn’t admit this, but i have to say i think Andrew is brilliant – fantastic in fact…great site by the way:)

  5. God this guy sucks ….

  6. good girl Says:

    can i have his babies . . . .

  7. good girl Says:

    can i have his babies . . .

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